Keeping Healthy - B1

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What Makes A Healthy Diet?

  • Balanced Diet - correct amounts of: Carbs, Proteins, Fats, Vitamins, Minerals, Fibre, Water 
  • Carbs + Proteins + Fats = release energy needed to live + build new cells
  • Vitamins + Minerals (small amounts) = helps body work healthily
  • Unbalanced diet = malnourishment

How Much Energy Do You Need?

  • Males need more energy than females - excpet if the female is pregnant
  • Teenagers need more energy than old people
  • Little exercise = little food intake
  • More exercise = increased food intake
  • Bigger the muscles the more energy needed
  • Temperature 
    • Warm countries - less energy needed ∵ less energy used to maintain steady body temp

The Metabolic Rate 

  • Rate of chemical reactions in your cells
  • Muscle to Fat Proportion
    • Men have higher metabolic rate than women ∵ men have higher proportion of muscle to fat than women
  • Exercise increases metabolic rate ∵ builds up more muscle
  • Metabolic rate is also affected by genetic factors



  • More energy than used = excess energy stored as fat
  • Form of malnourishment - become overweight + obese
  • Serious health problems: 
    • Arthritis, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes heart disease
  • Obese people more likely to die early

Losing Weight

  • Gain fat - taking more energy than needed
  • Lose mass - energy content of food is less than energy used daily
  • Lose mass by reducing food intake + increasing exercise

Lack of Food

  • Underweight = malnourished - not eating enough food
  • Deficiency diseases - lack of mineral ions + vitamins - unbalanced diet



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