Karl Marx: A Profile

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Karl Marx: A Profile    

Name: Karl Heinrich Marx  

Date Of Birth: 5th May 1818  

Date Of Death: 14th March 1883 (aged 64)  

Known for: Writing ‘Das Kapital’ and ‘The Communist Manifesto’. Considered the ‘Father of Communism’  


  • After he went to school in Trier (his hometown) he went to Bonn University to study law. 
  • He was wounded in a duel 
  • His father agreed to pay off the debts that Karl accumulated, on condition that he moved to the more ‘sedate’ Berlin University 
  • His lecturer at Berlin University, Bruno Bauer, introduced him to Hegel’s (German philosopher) work. Hegel argued that unity would eventually be achieved by the equalising of all opposites and Marx was intrigued by this idea. This


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