Kamikaze - Beatrice Garland


Kamikaze, Beatrice Garland.

Themes and Ideas

Choices during conflict – The speakers father had to choose to live or die. He chose to die by undertaking the Kamikaze mission in WW2. Poem clearly shows that his choice was to die honourably or survive in dishonour and segregated from society.

Judgement – The speaker is careful to not judge the father’s decision or offer excuses. She does touch on reasons why he turned back but leaves It to the reader for them to decide what they think.


Verse 1:

·        “samurai” – Highly skilled Japanese warriors who followed the bushido code (loyalty and honour until death). Some kamikaze took their sword with them.

·        “powerful incantations” – A powerful spell or chant. Ceremonies were partaken in before the soldiers went on their suicide missions.

Verse 2:

·        “Strung out like bunting” – Similie represents the




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