Inchoate Offences: Attempts

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R v Jones (1990) - the defendant had committed attempted murder even though there were at least three more steps before the full offence could have been completed (removing the safety catch of the sawn-off shotgun that he was pointing at the victim, putting his finger on the trigger, and pulling it). The Court of Appeal held that 'more than merely preparatory' does not mean the last act within the defendant's power. 

R v Gullefer (1990) - the defendant had not gone beyond the stage of mere preparation when he ran on a track in an effort to have the greyhound race, on which the defendant had placed a bit which he was going to lose, abandoned. 

R v Geddes (1996) - the defendant was found in a school toilet with a knife, string and sealing tape. His conviction for attempted false imprisonment was quashed. Although the defendant clearly had the intention, he had not made any contact with pupils and had gone no further than the preparatory stages of the offence. 

R v Campbell (1991) - the defendant argued successfully that even though he had intended to rob the post office (he was in possession of a gun and a demand note) he had changed his mind before going in, and was arrested before he had a chance to depart the area. 

R v Khan (1990) - the defendant and…


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