How effective of a political leader was Ramsay MacDonald?


Leader of the first Labour Government Jan-Dec 1924

Leader of the Labour Government 1929-31

Leader of the National Government 1931-35


  • In 1931, ''he put his country behind his party'' (David Marquand) by acting in the national interest and joining the National government. 
  • First to make a trip across the Atlantic to meet with Presidnet Hoover. 
  • Managed to secure the first Labour government in 1924. 
  • During the first Labour government the radicals in the party were educated. 
  • He tried to gain middle class support to make Labour more electable. 
  • Gained support of Baldwin. 
  • MacDonald was a pacifist and  formed the Locarno Treaties. 
  • Responsible for the 'Dawes Plan'  which solved Franco-German reparation problems. 
  • Wheatley's housing Act provided grants of £9 million for council houses. 
  • Increased old age pensions and unemployment benefits during first Labour government. 
  • Helped form the Lib-Lab Pact which helped them come into power in 1929 and 1924 as Liberals refused to ally with Conservatives.
  • Moderate image popular with the voters.


  • By joining the National government he ''committed a great act of political treachery''-Clement Atlee. 
  • Attempted to cut money from the…


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