Holocaust glossary


·      Anti-Semitism- discrimination and prejudice against Jews as a religious, racial and ethnic group.

·      Aryan- a person who was not Jewish or Roma. The Nazis were referring to the people of Northern European racial background. (blonde hair and blue eyes)

·      Auschwitz-Birkenau-  the largest and most famous of the Nazi death camps where 1.6 million people died (in Poland).

·      Concentration Camp- an area closed off from the outside world holding large numbers of people who are imprisoned in small places with poor facilities. These people are forced to provide labour while awaiting their execution.

·      Einsatzgruppen- the death squad of the ** that followed the German army, killing Jewish homes and communities. The victims were shot then buried in mass graves.

·      Extermination Camp- (also known as a death camp) a camp where people were sent to be killed as quickly as possible. These people were usually killed by gas chambers, starvation, executions, disease or over working them.

·      Final


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