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Increasing Population

From 1750-1900 population increased from 6million-40million

  • 1750, population about 11 million. Most people living in the country (80%)
  • This may have been because britain was at peace
  • The most important industry was farming, although most people farmed for their families alone.
  • The population increased rapidily. Doubled by 1825. Therefore more food and other resources needed to go around. Production needed to speed up. 
  • Most of these people could work in factories, so the more people there to work in factories provided the more food for all the people

Raw Materials

  • There were a lot of raw materials in Britain, Like coal, iron and steel.
  • These coud drive the railways and the factories

Overseas Empire

  • New supplies from other countries, cotton from america. New jobs creatd by overseas trade

What happened:

Population increased between 1750-1825

  • People came up with ideas, Sir richard arkwright, James Hargreaves
  • James Hargreaves-Spinning Jenny, 1764
  • 8 threads at once
  • Arkright made a spinning machine, 1768. Horse power driven. He then patented it.
  • Makes better threads. Eventually he made a factory in nottingham, and became very rich. He is just an example


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