The end of the Soviet Union

History revision

  • The cold war was over, communism had collapsed all over Eastern Europe, 1989
  • This resulted in the Hungarian frontier with Austria being opened
  • Free elections were held in Poland, solidarity won
  • Many east Germans crossed into Hungary, through Austria and then into West Germany
  • In November the Berlin wall was torn down
  • In Czechoslovakia anti communism protests were held which soon resulted into their communist government collapse in December
  • December saw revolutions in Romania against corruption and cruelty, this resulted in their dictator (Nicoale Ceausescu) being executed on Christmas day
  • In 1991 the Warsaw Pact ended officially
  • In 1990 Germany was united again, the East and West were one country again after 45 years. This was significant in the ending of communism
  • The Soviet Union was falling rapidly, the main


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