Handel's "And the Glory of the Lord"

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Listening and Appraising Questions

1. How is the joyful mood or "affection" of this chorus achieved by Handel?

Joyful words are sung, to a sprightly 3/4 time metre and with an Allegro tempo. The key is A major with modulations to E major - minor keys are avoided.

2. Name three different kinds of musical texture that feature in this chorus.

Homophony (1st idea, some of 2nd and 3rd) 
Polyphony (some of 3rd idea)
Monophony (4th idea)

3. Name the four voice parts that perform this chorus.

Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass

4. What instruments accompany the singers?

Violins, viola, continuo bass (harpsichord with a double bass or cello)

5. How many different melodies are used?

4 melodies:
1. And the glory of the Lord 
2. Shall be revealed
3. And all flesh
4. For the mouth

6. Identify two ways in which the last three bars of the…


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