Group 2- Alkaline Earth Metals

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-are called alkaline earth metals because their oxides and hyrdoxides are alkaline

-s-block elements

-similiair but less reactive than group 1

-Be is not typical of the group and is not considered

Mg-Ba; The elements all have 2 electrons in an outer s-obrital, which gets further away from the positive nulceus as we go down the group

The atoms get bigger as we go down the group. The atomic (mettalic) radii increases as each element has an extra filled shell

They have high melting points typical of a giant metallic structure. As we go down the group, the electrons in the 'sea' of delocalised electrons are further from the positive nucleus so the strength of the metallic bonds decrease down the group, so the melting points also decrease slightly, starting at Ca. Mg has the lowest melting point, it doesn't fit the trend due to it's lattice arrangeent differing from the others with the bonds easier to break.

In all their reactions, atoms of elements in Group 2 lose their outer electrons to form ions with positive charges. M(g) + M(g) 2+ +2e-

Both the 1st and 2nd Ionisation energies decrease down the group as it takes less energy to…


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