Globalisation and Crime

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Globalisation and Crime

Globalisation refers to how different parts of the world have become more closely connected, and what happens in one part can have an impact on other parts even if they're far away from each other. The world is 'shrinking'. While this improves communication around the world, the down side is that it means crime can now occur on an international scale.

What is Global Crime?

Global crime refers to how crime has been inceasingly conducted across national borders - transnational crime.

Drug smuggling is an example. They have made their way into the UK and the US after being grown in Middle Eastern and South American countries, like Afghanistan and Columbia. In the global world the movement of drugs is quicker and detection is harder. The UN estimates the illegal drugs trade is worth at least $300 billion dollars a year, and approximately 52, 000 American deaths occur each year in relation to illegal drug use.

Another illegal trade is in human trafficking. Globalisations has made it easier and more profitable to traffic people, using them for prostitution, labour and organ donation and for children, prostitution, illegal adoption, forced marriage and soldiers.

Cyber crime is rapidly growing. This can involve…




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