Ghost Dances interpretations

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Interpretations running through ghost dances

·         Dripping sound along with silence- This could be interpreted as the sound of water, which could show how the Chilean government did not supply the population of Chile with basic resources such as water. The dripping could therefore show little water as it is not the sound of running water. But on the other side it could be interpreted as blood as the government slaughtered and tortured people so the blood could be from these innocent people who were damaged by the government

·         How the oppression theme is displayed- In Ojos Azules (2) the ghosts are downstage right sitting watching the villagers (upstage left). Dead are in a cluster they walk in a mechanical way, repeating walking to the beats using no emotion on the face. Step forwards 3 times and then step once more while bending back over legs as the right leg goes into a bend position, the back then comes back up to up straight posture, this is repeated.

·          Government control- This is shown in many places. An example is how the dead use movements in Dolencias which look as if they are being controlled, such as being puppets for the ghosts (government) which are fully controlled by the puppeteer.

·         Letter from widow- The story in the letter from the widow is reflected by the couple in Dolencias as the husband is killed by the government. The words in the section translate to ‘be sad for my sorrows’. The Bicycle movement shows torture and the woman is not touched by the ghosts in the section, similar to the story.

·         Group work and defiance- In Sicuriadas the dancers work together. Accumulation is used to show how people joined together to fight the government and to…


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