Geography - Population dynamics

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Population dynamics



World population isn't growing as fast as it used to but it is still growing exponentially, 

reasons for slowing down:

-less children e.g. stage 5 because of the culture- reduced birthrate.

mostly wealthy countries-

(cost of having children increases with food, education etc. 

or education= CONTRACEPTION=choice to have smaller families or women want longer careers).


What causes population to grow or decline?

Birthrate- number of babies born alive for every 1000 per year.

Death rate- number of people who die for every 1000 people per year



natural increase-birthrate higher than death rate

natural decrease- death rate higher than birth rate.

Within a Country 

MIGRATION affects size of population

(In UK we would have a falling population if we didn't have migration)

Immigration- coming in.

Emigration - going out.

Natural Increase and Natural Decrease


The number of people added to or lost from the population for every 1000 per year.

Birth Rate

Why some countries have more rapid growth rate?

African countries- poor LEDC- have high growth.

Fertility rate 7-10 children.

Lack of education/ lack of contraception.

Subsistent farmers = need children to work on the land.(more children die-dirty water etc.- so keep on having children to replace them) and need children to look after you in your old age.

Why infant mortality rate varies


In LEDC-High infant mortality rate

- lack of clean drinking water-needed for drinking water= diarrhoea=fatal for babies.

- lack of food=malnutrition, not enough Vitamin D= rickets, not enough Vitamin C= scurvy

- no pre-natal or post-natal care. 

- no vaccinations. e.g measles= fatal if they are malnourished and dehydrated.

IN LEDC's the death rate is higher, why?

- less clean water.

- little healthcare- barely any hospitals or doctors per area-especially rural areas.

- no money to buy medicine.

- work harder= fatigue.

- no vaccinations.




Shows the natural increase/decrease

5 stages

In STAGE 1- High fluctuation

high birth rate and death rate but they both change, going up and down.

Birth rate high= no contraception…


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