Geography Paper 1 2010

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Development: they way a country's economy grows


  • Good average wealth
  • Majority of people are employed
  • High energy consumption
  • High standards of living
  • Good access to healthcare
  • Compulsary education


  • Most people low paid
  • Most work in primary industry
  • Low energy consumption
  • Most people live in poor quality housing
  • Few doctors and hospitals
  • Varied access to education and vary literate levels

Quality of life: A good quality of life is someone having access to healthcare, good quality housing, access to clean water, good sanitation, access to a power supply, able to afford a good diet, good level of peronal security and safety and a low level of pollution and general environmental conditions.

Human development index: Uses the following to come up with a figure between 0 and 1. 1 being excellent

  • Life expectancy
  • School enrolement and atainment (literacy rates)
  • real GNP per person and what this actually buys them in the area they live in.

Why does the development gap exist?

- Level of industrial development: some countries have few industries and rely on a narrow range of industrial opportunities.

- Reliance on primary prroducts: some countries rely on a narrow range of primary products to earn money. The price of these products


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