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- Rhythm, Metre and Tempo.
- Tonality.
- Structure.
- Harmony.
- Melody.
- Dynamics.

Keywords Definition Category Syncopation A rhythm created by putting accents in parts of the bar that are not normally emphasized. Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Chromatic Music in which the notes that are used are not in the key of the piece. Tonality Mixolydian Mode A scale that uses the following pattern of tones (T being tones and S being semitones): TTSTTST Structure Trill Rapidly alternating between 2 notes. Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Pizzicato A technique in which a stringed instrument is plucked creating a light staccato sound. Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Pedal A single sustained note (usually in bass) Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Imitation The repetition of a phrase or melody that often varies in key, rhythm, and voice. Melody Triplet A group of three notes that have the same time value. Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Largo A very slow tempo. Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Allegro A quick/brisk tempo. Rhythm, Metre and Tempo Rit/Ritenuto Music suddenly slowing or being held back momentarily. Dynamics Crescendo A gradual increase of volume in a passage. Dynamics Diminuendo A gradual decrease of volume in a passage. Dynamics…


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