GCSE Biology, cells summary


Cells summary






































It holds the entire DNA (genetic material) and it controls the cell’s activity.


Here is where all the reactions to take place, it is also the base of the cell. It contains enzymes that control the reactions.

Cell membrane

Holds and controls what goes in and out of the cell.


Makes energy using a chemical reaction, this is where respiration takes place.


Makes the protein.


Holds the sap of a cell. This is a weak solution of sugar and salts.


Contains chlorophyll which is used for photosynthesis and this is mainly


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Right guys before you make any assumtions. I have made this so you can print it out and draw the cells. The summary with the descriptions and it is neccessary to print them out.  This will happen with most of my summaries for my biology summary notes because I think it is essential to copy out the diagrams to learn and revise the information efficently. If you stick around and check my profile regularly I will complete the GCSE biology course with both 'double award' and triple award' named. Please comment if you find this helpful I like to know if I am helping people!