GCSE Dance Infra Revision


Company: The Royal Ballet

Choreographer: Wayne McGreggor

Dance Style: Contemporary Ballet

Dancers: 12 (6 male, 6 female).

Performance Environment: Proscenium Arch Theatre


  1. Relationship between 3 men. Electronic sounds sound like morse code and then classical instruments start to subtly layer over 3 electronic sounds until predominant for reminder of duet. 3 overlapping white spotlights downstage. Overtime a white wash is added.

  2. Relationship between male and female. Melancholy strings.

  3. Second male and female duets. Sound A: fast pace score with a cello. It has much more of an uplifting mood. The score ends with a sustained long note to indicate the section has ended. Movement has a direct correlation with the music. Green light filling most of the stage.

  4. Six duets. Lighting 6 white rectangles of light towards downstage. Strings such as violin and cello.

  5. Third duet. There is a male solo and a duet. Metallic/Electrical sounds, phasing found sounds that sound like a train and a train whistle. This stops as the soloist exits. The cellos create an empathetic atmosphere. Electronic/Found sounds re-enter. Light is a harsh yellow wash.

  6. Helping one and other. White lights above and from the wings. 

  7. Pase of vilin stops suddenly as other dancers grab the soloists arm which creates a tense atmosphere. Dim white light to create pathways.

  8. Ignoring the soloists and romantic duets. Soloist: very heavy use of strings. Emotional and Dramatic. Stage Left  singular white light.


  • Infra is the latin word for “below” and


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