France before the revolution

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Before the French Revolution

·         If Louis XIV's reign had been distinguished by extravagance, Louis XV's was characterized by carelessness.

·         Old Regime's dysfunction.

·         He preferred to satisfy his mistresses rather than his kingdom

·         But he did pull himself away from the boudoir long enough to get France into some serious financial scrapes.

·         Under his reign, France was involved in the War of Polish Succession (1733-38), the War of Austrian Succession (1740-48) and the Seven Years' War (1756-63). France lost valuable land during these battles, and the Seven Years' War nearly drained the treasury.

·         For many years, diseases like the plague had kept the peasant population in check. Now, the population was booming and clamored for sustenance [source: Doyle].

·         No one had much confidence in Louis XVI's ability to lead France, much less pull it out of debt

·         His young wife, Marie Antoinette, only compounded his troubles. Marie Antoinette had been married off to Louis to cement the relationship between the Austrian Hapsburgs and the French Bourbons.


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