Energy basics

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'Energy is never created nor destroyed, it is only transformed from one  form to another.'


Forms of energy


  • electrical
  • thermal
  • sound
  • kinetic


  • chemical
  • gravitational potential
  • elastic potential
  • nuclear


Transfer of energy


  • A girl rides a bike up a hill and freewheels down
  • chemical (pedalling) - potential (gaining height) - kinetic (down hill)


  • A boy uses a catapult to launch a stone
  • chemical (pulling) - elastic (stretching) - kinetic (stone moving)


Evaporation, Conduction, Convection and Radiation 

Evaporation - a surface effect, when liquid water turns into water vapour. The particles differ in speed, the fast moving particles reach the surface and escape, heating the liquid makes the particles move faster thus there is more chance of them escaping which is why rate of evaporaition is faster. Wind also sweeps molecules away speeding up the process of evaporation.

e.g clothes drying on a hot, windy day

Conduction -  the trasnfer of heat through


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