Fold mountains

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Fold Mountains

Fold mountains can be located at destructive and collision plate margins.

Characteristics of fold mountain areas:


  • Have very high mountains with very steep slopes.
  • Alot of snow at the highest/coldest point.
  • Many glaciers present.
  • Lakes can be found between the mountains.


Fold Mountains Case Study: The Alps, Central Europe.

The Alps fold mountain range is located in central Europe and it covers seven different countries. It's existence is due to the collision of the European and African plate and around about 12 million people occupy the area.

How the Alps are used:

  • Farming: The steep upland areas are used for pastoral farming. The valley floor is used to grow crops as the land there is more fertile than the upper areas. Vine yards can be found on the sunnier southside of the slopes.
  • Tourism: The Alps' main source of income is from the 100 million tourists that visit each year. 70% of the tourists


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