Fold Mountains

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When plates collide at destructive margins/where destructive boundries used to be.

  • when plates collide, sedimentary rocks that have built up between them are folded and forced upwards to form mountains.
  • get fold mountains where continental plates & oceanic plates collide (eg Andes)
  • also where 2 continental plates collide. (eg Himalayas)
  • eg Nazca plates subducts underneath the South American plate
  • their moving together has pushed sediment together. This has been pushed upwards to form the Andes.

Human Use Of Fold Mountains:


  • Higher mountains not good for crops, so animals are grazed. eg mountain goats.
  • lower slopes used for crops. can be terraced to make this easier.


  • major source of metal ores
  • steep slopes make access difficult, so zig-zag roads carved into sides of mountains


  • spectacular scenery attracts tourists
  • in winter can do skiing, snowboarding & ice climbing
  • in summer can do walking & enjoy scenery
  • tunnels can be drilled through to


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