Fold mountains

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Fold Mountains

Fold moutains are formed when plates collide at destructiv margins

1) When tectonic plates collide the sedimentary rocks that have built up between them are folded and forced upwards to form mountains.

2) So fold mountains are found at destructive plate margins and places where there used to be destructive plate margins. e.g. the west coast of North America.

3) You get fold mountains where a continental plate and an oceanic plate collide. e.g. the Andes in South America where formed in this way.

4) You also get fold moutains where two continental plates collide e.g the Himalayas in Asia where formed in this way.

5) Fold mountain areas have lots of very high moutains, which are very rocky with steep slopes. There's often snow and glaciers in the highest bits, and lakes in the valleys between the…


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