Financhail management- Henry VIII


Financial management:

  • Wolseys main impact was in ta reform. the old system of fifteenths and tenths raised little income. Wolsey aimed to replace this system to a new method in which the individual was assessed under oath by local officals who supervised by centrally appointed officals.
  • the reform did cause problems as those who were hit hardest by the change in subsidys resented these changes. Also Wolsey did not raise as much as expected from this system and this was collected in installments brather than a lump sum so was slow.


  • there was no major reform 0of administration under Wolsey (acting business manager). instead Wolsey sought to develop the system that had been used by Henry VII. most of the previous government were kept in power.
  • in 1526 the king became upset that he had been denied access to certain counsellors due to Wolseys conrol over appointments. Wolsey showing his skill turned this to his advantage in the Eltham Ordinances (a plan to radically reform the court, alkthough this never actually fully took off). however they did discredit some of wolseys opponents as they ordinaces were not enforced, levaing Wolsey in a position to fill the council with his own men.

local government and Jp's:

  • although national politics were decided at court and in the council, central governements needed the support of local magistrates, especially the…


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