Feminists Beliefs about Religion

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  • Society is patriarchal and religion is a patriarchal institution. They believe that religion legitimises women's subordination
  • Religious organisations- mainly male dominated, and despite higher female participation they are still seen as second class citizens in most organisations. In many NAMs women are seen as higher classed citizens such as Mother nature etc. In Catholicism women are not allowed to become priests.
  • Places of worship- in some religions, women and men are actually separated in church... some women are made to do inferior jobs such as looking after the children but are manipulated into thinking this is ok as the holy book says that it is an important job and you shall be rewarded in heaven. Womens participation may also be restricted for example, no reading from sacred texts.
  • Prophets etc- ofvetn represented as a man and women are often portrayed negatively e.g. Eve started world evil due to her eating the apple etc.
  • Religious Laws and Customs-


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