February / March Revolution of 1917

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  • Monday February 14th - 100,000 workers strike from 58 different factories. Bread rationed from March 1st brought looting. Police were attacked.
  • Wednesday February 22nd - 20,000 workers were locked out of work after pay talks collapsed. Workers went on strike in support.
  • Thursday February 23rd - 90,000 workers went on strike, 50 factories closed. Strikers, militant students and women from the bread queues. City fell into chaos with 240,000 out on streets but order restored by a desperate police force in early morning.
  • Friday February 24th - 200,000 workers on strike. Call for the Tsar to step down. No clear organisation from strikers.
  • Saturday February 25th - 250,000 people on strike + Petrograd = virtual


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