Existence of God

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- PERSONAL EXPERIENCE: Seeing is believing
- RELIABLE EVIDENCE: Word of mouth or experiment
- LOGIC AND REASON: Down to personal interpretation

- THEIST: Religious believer
- ATHEIST: Non-believer
- AGNOSTIC: Undecided
- FAITH: A religious belief that is widely followed, yet cannot be completely proven

- Created by Thomas Aquinas, a Christian Monk who wrote books attempting to prove God's existence
- Says that everything was caused by something, but you cannot go on forever therefore there must have been a first cause which would have been God
- Refers to God as the First Cause/Uncaused Cause
- SUPPORTS: Process cannot be infinite therefore must have had some kind of cause. Evidence from the bible is used in his argument
- QUESTIONS: Would have been no need for God after original creation of the world, so where is he now? Also, is the God who supposedly created us then left really the God we like to picture? Aquinas is biased due to him being Christian himself

- Created by William Paley, an 18th Century Philosopher who wrote a book detailing his theory
- Says that there is evidence of intricate design in the world too strong for it to have been by chance, therefore someone must have created it
- Compares to the levels of detail in a rock and a watch, it is far less likely the watch just fell into place due to it's complex design
- SUPPORTS: God gave humans the gift of free will, making chance realistic. God could be sitting…


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