Example paragraph on context- Othello, Streetcar named desire and The Collector

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Example Paragraph:

Throughout the first scene of Act One of Othello, Shakespeare uses taboo language through the character of Iago, whose first word in the play is "S'blood", meaning God's blood. To an Elizbethan audience, this curse would have been seen as highly offensive and blasphemous, as society at the time held strong christian beliefs. To a more modern and secular audience however, this language would not be considered at all taboo and may even be humorous. By having Iago use terms such as "S'blood" and "Zounds", as well as descriptions such as "making with the beast with two backs", Shakespeare is using language to reflect Iago's status- this is very blunt, offensive language that would be associated with the 'street' and those of low importance in society. Thus, through repeatedly having Iago speak like this, Shakespeare gives the audience a clear first impression of the character being a powerful and 'straight to the point' man, although he may be of a lesser origin in society than Roderidgo, the other character on stage at this point.

Whilst Shakespeare makes use of speech to reflect things about his characters, Williams primarily uses his character's appearance and


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