Evolutionary explanation of Aggression

Evolutionary explanation of aggression:


  • Aggression is adaptive and has come about as a result of competition for survival. Increase Reproductive success and thus inclusive fitness.
  • Lorenz- 3 functions of evolved aggression- protecting offspring, ensuring only fittest and strongest mates produce offspring and competing for territory- evolved and reflect modern aggression
  • mate retention strategies- increase chance of breeding
  • Male male competition and territorial aggression


  • Shackleford (2005): males have developed mate retention strategies to deter mates from infedelity and their risk of cuckoldry.
  • Cuckoldry= males cannot pass on their genesand will waste resources on rival males offsprings survival, unwittingly
  • risk of Cuckoldry-use of mate retention strategies to attempt to prevent females from strayingand deter male rivals.
  • Mate regarding strategies eg monopolisation of woman's timepositivly corralated with domestic violence and aggression in relationships.
  • Corralation= aggression as a result of sexual jealousy= innate/adaptive response to reduce risk of cuckoldry & increase chance male can further lineage
  • Link between MRS and aggression= 72% of women who report experiencing MRS has been hospitalised after incident of domestic violence.
  • support evolutionary explanation- reduce sexual


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