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Respect: psychologists should respect people as individuals and avoid unfair or prejudice practices

Confidentiality: people cannot be identified in the research, to over come this issue number/codes can be used

Informed consent: This means they should know what they are consenting to and they muct be told what the study is about before they agree to take part under 16 must have a parent or guardians consent also

Privacy: If People are being observed in public places their privacy whould be respected

Deception:This should be avoided meaning people should not be misled about the research some research…




A useful, no-nonsense recap of ethical issues which apply to all research studies in Psychology. 



Supported my revision as suspected. Consequently, spelling mistakes appear a lot throughout the passage.



All fine except for the awful definition of privacy, you can't use the word privacy to define privacy, in addition the actual definition is badly written, other than that very helpful though

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