English- Romeo and Juliet

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Romeo and Juliet:

Definition of puns: a ‘low’ form of humor that relies heavily on the use of wordplay    

 Homographic: puns that depend upon words that look alike but have multiple meanings

            Ex. Pen (writing device) vs. Pen (to hold animals)

 Homophonic: puns that depend on words that sound the same but that have different meanings. Ex. Buy vs. By

Definitions of a Sonnet: A 14-line poem with a variable rhyme scheme. The Petrarchan sonnet divides the 14 lines into two sections: an eight-line stanza (octave) rhyming ABBAABBA, and a six-line stanza (sestet) rhyming CDCDCD or CDEEDE. Ryming 14 line poem with 


A I will put Chaos into fourteen lines

B And keep him there; and let him thence escape

B If he be lucky; let him twist, and ape

A Flood, fire, and demon--his adroit designs

A Will strain to nothing in the strict confines

B Of this sweet Order, where, in pious ****,

B I hold his essence and amorphous shape,

A Till he with Order mingles and combines.

C Past are the hours, the years, or our duress,

D His arrogance, our awful servitude:

C I have him. He is nothing more than less

D Than something simple not yet understood;

C I shall not even force him to confess;

D Or answer. I will only make him good.

Iambic Pentameter

Definition: An iambic foot is an unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable, da-DUM. A standard line of iambic pentameter is five iambic feet in a row. It is possible to notate this with a "/" marking ictic syllables (experienced as beats) and a "×" marking nonictic syllables (experienced as offbeat).[1] In this notation a standard line of iambic pentameter would look like this: × / × / × / × / × /

Penta means five metres.

The Theme of love at first sight: Romeo and Juliet are said to have experienced love at first sight.

This theory is highly unlikely because:

   One must know the person to be able to say that they're in love

   There is a difference between Lust and Love. Love is when you have a connection with a person judging by not only their appearance but they way they are as a person. 

   Lust is only to love a person because of superficial reasons such as their appearance, or to feel a besotted connection with a person for a short period of time.

   Some may be in love with the aspect of love

   Romeo and Juliet may have been in love with the aspect of being in love. Romeo recently had been rejected by Rosaline and was possibly in a more needy state that usual.

   Juliet was young, she wasn't mature enough to full understand true love. This was her first experience with someone she actually felt attraction to (Juliet isn't very attracted to Paris) so she profoundly went into this





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