End of the Cold War

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  • he convinced US congress to increase defence spending by 13% in 1982 then 8% the following 2 years
  • new methods of deploying nuclear missiles were developed including stealth bombers and trident submarines
  • SDI was established in 1983 also known as Star Wars
  • was the development of anti-ballistic missiles in space
  • would require a vast amount of money and resources
  • would possibly prompt bankruptcy 


  • Reagan took action to prevent Soviet growth in Third World countries
  • in Nicaragua, the doctrine was used to send aid to the Contras, an anti-communist group
  • supplied anti-aircraft missiles to the Mujahdeen in Afghanistan


  • leaders in the Soviet Union was where they were older and of ill health


  • came into power in 1985
  • the only way to achieve change in the USSR was to reduce military spending and to do that they'd need to have negoitons about limitations
  • the Afghan war drained the country with 15,000 red army troops killed and $8 billion spent per annum
  • they also spent $40 billion a…


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