Electromagnetic waves and Uses of EM waves

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Transverse waves that transfer enegy from a source to an absorber. e.g. a hot object transfers energy in the form of infrared radiation.

Electromagnetic waves form a continuous spectrum over a range of frequencies:

Radio Waves     Micro Waves     Infra Red     Visible Light     Ultra Violet     X-rays     Gamma Rays




Radio Waves: made of oscillating electric charges (electrons) and magnetic feilds.

  • By giving electrons more energy you can make the oscillate and if the receiver is a part of acomplete electrical circuit then it generates an alternating current.
  • Long-wave (long wave length) radio waves can be transmitted to the otherside of the world, as the waves diffract (bend) around the curved surface of the earth.
  • Short-wave radio waves reflect of the ionoshere…


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