Families and Households Exam Questions

2 Marks.

Define the term 'segregated conjugal roles'.

Using one example, briefly explain how men exploit women within the family.

Define the term 'ascribed status'.

Using one example, briefly explain how liberal feminists see gender inequality in the family being overcome.

Define the term 'serial monogamy'.

Using one example, briefly explain how high divorce rates might be a major source of increased fmily diversity.

Define the term 'household'.

Using one example, briefly explain how single parent families can have a negative impact on society.

Define the term 'social policy'.

Using one example, briefly explain how the family 'often gets the blame for social problems'.

Define the term 'fertility rate'.

Using one example, briefly explain net migration.

6 Marks.

Outline three reasons why husbands may be more likely to make more important decisions in families.

Outline three roles that functionalists would see the family as performing.

Outline three reasons for the trend towards getting married later in life.

Outline three reasons why lone parents are usually headed by females.

Outline three examples of the ways in which professionals police and regulate families.

Outine three positive consequences of an aging population.

10 Marks.

Outline and explain two ways in which childhood has not improved for some children.

Applying material from Item A, analyse against the view that childhood is a fixed, universal stage.

Outine and explain two reasons for domestic violence.

Outline and explain two aspects of power relationships between couples other than the domestic division of labour.

Applying material from Item A, analyse two reasons for patterns of domestic violence.

Outline and explain two contributions of feminist sociologists to the study of family life.

Outline and explain two feminist approaches to the role of families in contemporary societies.

Applying material from Item A, analyse two functions that the family may perform for…




This is a brilliant resource for the new spec thanks so much for posting. Only issue, are there any items to go with the 20 markers? If so where can they be found? x