Downfall of David Lloyd George and his Foreign Policy

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Treaty of Versailles

  • PM in Paris from Jan. to June 1919
  • Basically moderated Wilson and Clemenceau
  • DLG believed reparations should be based on a commision assessing German liabilty for war damages and made sure the plebiscites of self determination happened
  • Modern day historians see DLG as a peacemaker, not seen as so at the time
  • 233 Cons. signed a telegram stating they thought the ToV was too lenient in April '19, while the Mail and the Telegraph labelled it as too harsh
  • Keynes condemned the ToV and the time, particularly DLG's part in it. Keynes believed that Europe should be an economic unit and a weak Germany=weak Europe
  • DLG actually agreed, trying to reconcile France, Germany and the USSR over his incumbent period
  • 23 international conferences in his incumbent period, however, despite his efforts, his policies generally failed due to the French resentment towards Germany and US isolationalism

Chanak (1922)

  • Probably DLG's greatest failure
  • Following the Treaty of Sevres with the Ottoman Empire, there was a nationalist uprising in the newly formed Turkey led by Mustapha Kemal, who was intent on taking Smyrna back from Greece
  • Aug. '22-100,000 Greeks massacred in Smyrna, and then the nationalists proceeded towards the Dardenelles which were under British control
  • Cabinet told General Harrington to stand against the Turks and issue and ultimatum, but thankfully…


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