Divine Foreknowledge

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 -Challenges that God has to take responsibility for our evil actions

Boethius argues God's way of seeing the universe is different from any human perception. (an example is Mozart seeing a keyboard compared to a normal deaf person).

-he believes he sees us simultaneously.

  • 1) start by explaining the nature of eternity 
  • 2) this will reveal the nature of the Divine Being and the capacity of divine knowledge
  • 3) we must understand how God knows in order to judge the effect of his knowlege.

- Boethius argument is: while we are conditioned by time, and to us the future is not here yet and the past is gone, an unchangeable God is outside the universe and not affected by space or time. For God, all of the universe's 'moments'from big bang to however the universe ends, is one simultaneous moment.

-This means that at any moment of our life he does not see what we are going to do but he sees what we are doing.

A Useful Diversion

- God sees someone being born,getting married and dying AT THE SAME TIME.

-Key Concept said by Boethius:

        "If you consider the divine foreknowledge through which God knows all things, you will conclude that it is not a knowledge of things in the future but a knowledge of an unchanging present".


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