Disruption of Attachment

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Disruption of Attachment

Research into Attachment by Robertson & Robertson

  • They aimed to investigate the effects of disruption of attachment and also how these effects could be avoided
  • They conducted a natrualistic observation (naturally occuring and not artificial) of young children in a resedential nursery and foster care
  • documented the childrens brief seperation from their mother
  • the behavioural and emotional reactions were observed to assess the effects of disruption on attachment
  • John
  • No substitute Care given
  • placed in a residential nursery whilst mother was having her second baby
  • John tried to attach himself to a nurse but the nursing staff were not assigned to an individual children
  • no nurse attended to John long enough to understand him and answer his needs
  • he was not mothered or protected from attacks from other children
  • food and routines were strange and his fathers visits did little to ease the situation
  • John became increasingly distressed, at reunion with the mother he rejected her
  • Jane, Lucy, Thomas and


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