deviations from social norms- definitions of abnormality

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Deviation from social norms

 Abnormal behaviour can be when someone deviates from social norms. These are the unwritten laws within society, such as not invading somebody's personal space, or not wearing a bikini in the supermarket. If someone decieves these norms they are seen as abnormal and deviation from such norms can be indicative signs of some mental illness.


culturally relative- some 'norms' are westernised, but there are general norms within society that are universally assented to, such as the need to earn a living.

context- behaviour is context-specific, wearing a bikini is not abnormal if you're at the beach, but it is if you're wearing it at the supermarket.

change with the times- 'normal' faces change over time, social norms are no different. for example homosexuality was previously illegal in…


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