Developmental S:F&P

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Development in social context

  • socialisation: process through which kids are taught behaviours appropriate in community
  • other social influences: peers, relatives, teachers, direct and indirect links between various components of a sociary, affect socialisation and childs' development

Parenting styles

  • high acceptance/high control = authoritative
  • low responsiveness/high control = authoritarian
  • high acceptance/low demanding = permissive
  • low responsiveness/low demanding = uninvolved


  • tendancy to respond in certain way across situations, precursor of personality
  • five major attributes in babies
  • > activity level
  • > irritability
  • > soothability
  • > fearfulness
  • > sociability

Temperament: stability

  • is temperament stable over time?
  • > Caspi & Silva (1995): activity…


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