Describe and evaluate evolutionary explanations for partner preference

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  • The evolutionary explaination sees partner preference as occuring through sexual selection, whereby characteristics are selected in order to increase reproductive success
  • Males produce large quantities of sperm, so are able to fertilise females at little cost of reproducttive potential, so maximise the number of pregnancies in order to spread their genes
  • Males therefore seek females who display signs of youth and fertility, which is shown through being physically attractive and having child bearing hips 
  • Females however produce fewer, larger eggs which makes each one a sizeable reproductive investment. This therefore means that females are more selective with who they decide to mate with
  • Females therefore seek males who display signs of genetic fitness such as strength, status and having resources. Females also tend to go for males who are older as they are percieved to have a greater ability to provide 
  • Research suggests that women are more fearful of emotional unfaithfulness as they do not want their male parter to invest into


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