-Demonstrative adjectives and pronouns are named in this way due to the fact that they demonstrate specific nouns that someone has already identified.

1. Ce/cet/cette/ces

Masculine single:

-Ce garcon - this/that boy

-Cet homme - this man

Masculine plural:

-Ces garcons - these/those boys

-Ces hommes -these/those men

Feminine single:

-Cette femme - this/that woman

Feminine plural:

-Ces femmes - these/those women

These are demonstrative adjectives who need to agree with the subject in order to make sense.

The masculine single form of a demonstrative adjective is 'cet' before a vowel/ a mute H.

-However, differentiation is required:

-ci is added to the noun to indicate the object is nearer the speaker.

-la is added to the noun to indicate…


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