Paradise Lost Critics.

'saw Satan's response to God as similar to that of Prometheus' response to Zeus,. both rebelling against wicked tyrants and both regarding their cause as just'.

'His very situation as the fearless antagonist of omnipotence makes him either a fool. or a hero, and Milton is far indeed from permitting us to think his a fool'. Walter Raleigh.

'Satan who disclaims servitude and tries to overturn his monarch becomes in. Dryden's rewriting an unmistakeable portrait of Oliver Cromwell, the king killer.'

'No one reading these speeches can miss their power and eloquence'. Ian Johnston.

'Satan's concern is for his honour, for victory in battle, or at least defiance in defeat'. Michael Bryson.

'of the Devil's party without knowing it'. Blake.

'undeniable magnitude as a character within the poem, his energy, his. resourcefulness, his eloquence, his courage; he tends to call forth that admiration. we all give to the man who fights against overwhelming odds'. Alan Rudman.

The Rover Critics

'ladies act like whores and whores like ladies'. Anita Pacheco.

'Behn develops strategies of resistance in The Rover ... to counter puritanical. constructions of woman as object, commodity…


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