Cosmological Argument - Basics

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The Cosmological Argument

  • Argument for the creation of the Universe
  • A postieriori - from your sences
  • First cause
  • Creato ex nihlo
  • Aquinas and Copleston, challenges from Hume and Russel
  • 1948 - debate on cosmological argument
  • Plato and Aristotle - all changes come from the ultimate source
  • Domino, sequence of causes
  • Natural World provided a lot of evidence for God's existence - Aquinas
  • Summa Thelogica
  • Five Ways
  • Neccesary existence and contingency
  • Oldest argument to prove Gods existence
  • Ockhams razor - the idea that the simplist explanation is the correct one
  • Based on the idea of cause and effect
  • First three ways; motion, cause and contingency
  • Motion - everything in a…


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