Consent Cases

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Brown (1994) HL – The defendants were homosexual sado-masochists. They tortured their genitals by nailing them to furniture and applying stinging nettles to them. They had all consented to the acts and injuries.

Cannot consent to injuries, unless in recognised exceptions

Leach (1969) – The defendant crucified a man who consented to the act.

Cannot consent to death

Wilson v Pringle (1987) - The defendant grabbed the bag over the victim’s shoulder, causing him injury

There is implied consent to the jostling of everyday life

Williams (1923) – The defendant told the victim he could perform an operation that would improve her singing voice. The operation was actually sexual intercourse

Consent is not a defence when it is fraudulently obtained

Linekar (1985) – The defendant had sex with a prostitute, but then did not pay afterwards

Consent is not fraudulently obtained when the victim knows the


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