Conflict and Argument

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Jesus and the paralysed man:


the Law: collection of laws sent by God and collected in the Torah

Sinners: go against the Jewish laws and don't follow them.


* Jewish leaders- God can only forgive sins

*Blasphemy- punished through death

*They believed that Jesus claimed to be God\

*Wanted to gather evidence for Jesus' arrest

Christians today?

-Catholics- Sacrament of Reconciliation- which we receive from Priests

-Priests can forgive sins in the name of God

-Jesus is in their spirit

-Priests are successors of disciples

Disagreements about the Sabbath:


Pharisees: A Jewish relgiious group who keeps their faith alive

Sabbath: On the 7th day of the week, Jews have a day of rest


-Can't work on Sabbath (picking corn) 'Look, why are they doing what is unlawful on the Sabbath?'

-They seemed greedy and selfish (Jesus and his disciples)

-Doesn't like how Jesus is helping on Sabbath

Christians today?

-Keep Sunday just for God (Keep Sunday Special campaign)

-Some Christians are made to work on a Sunday

-Some people who are Athiest, won't have a 'special day'

The trouble with the Law


Fasting- going without food for a period of time for a sign of devotion to God

Ritual Cleanliness- Jewish Laws on food and washing, to stop anythig that is unclean entering the body

Corban- A gift only dedicated to God and cannot be used for anything else

-Pharisees wanted to show how they were dedicated to their faith


-Hypocrites- holding on to human traditions

-They weren't dedicated Jews

-Let go of God's Law

-Pharisees always try to test Jesus, but Jesus gives them the wisest answers

Jesus predicts His Passion


-Passion- Jesus' suffering, the timeline of his crucifixion.

-Rebuke-speak severely to a person whom has done wrong

Christians today?

-Some don't believe that Jesus rose after 3 days

-Shows Jesus is the Son of God


-Peter is being selfish as he doesn't want…


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