Cognitive Strengths and Weaknesses

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One strength of this approach is that it uses a scientific approach e.g. attribution theory provides a clear prediction that can be tested in experimental research, meaning psychologists can test such theories and demonstrate whether they are true or not e.g. the research by Heider where shapes were personality traits to explain movement. One of the strengths of using  a scientific approach is that extraneous variables can be controlled and we are therefore more likely to discover causal relationships. This was evidenced in the research by Loftus and Palmer in relation to the effect of leading questions on eye witness.

Another strength of this approach is that is has made an important contribution to society.  Following the work of Loftus & Palmer on Eye Witness Testimony, psychologists have informed courts about the accuracy of eye witness testimony, and as a result of this the questioning procedures used by police officers and lawyers have been improved. Also therapy


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Yes, this question explores in depth the analysis, strengths and limitations of the Cognitive approach and analyses in detail as to why the studies reflect to the strengths and limitations of assisting in real life situations.

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