Coastal Management


Coastal Management:

  • Coastal retreat can be managed using a number of different approaches.
  • Coastal retreat can be managed using both 'Hard' and 'Soft' engineering.

Hard Engineering Techniques (ex: Durlston Bay in Dorset)

Involve the use of concrete and steel to produce strong / long lasting structures.

  • Sea Wall – Built from resistant material and reflects the wave back out to sea.
  • Rip Rap (Rock Armour) – Dissipate and absorb the wave's energy.
  • Revetments – Break up incoming waves, spread and absorb wave energy.
  • Gabions – Absorbs the wave's energy and act as a barrier protecting the cliffs behind.
  • Groynes – Prevents longshore drift increasing beach size. Large beach causes waves to 'run out' of energy before they reach the cliff.
  • Off-Shore Reef –


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