Climate and Change

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  • Global temperatures have always fluctuated
  • During the last 200 years, there has been a dramatic increase in temperature

Affects on ecosystems and people:

  • The last ice age is thought to have caused the extinction of animals such as the Giant Beaver, Wooly Mammoth and Sabre Toothed Tiger (all 'megafauna')
  • It has been suggested that they died out due to changes in their habitat, for instance loss of food or prey)
  • During the last ice age, animals developed thick and heavy fur coats in order to survive. After the ice age, the temperature rised by approximately 6 degrees celcius, meaning that many animals died out due to overheating within their own fur.

Case Studies:

  • The Little Ice Age- had a major affect on people and crops in Europe. Crops failed, livestock couldn't be fed and died due to lack of food and cold temperatures. This led to economic problems for farmers and the general public who had to pay more for their food.
  • During the 1600's, temperatures dropped to -2 degrees celcius


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