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Classification groups

  • Classification - grouping things by their features or characteristics 
  • The more characteristics that are used to group similar organisms together, the more reliable is the classification
  • Kingdoms are the largest groups in classifying organisms, and species are the smallest

Kingdom - Group of similar phyla e.g. Anamalia

Phylum - Group of similar classes e.g. Chordata

Class - Group of similar orders e.g. Mammalia

Order - Group of similar families e.g.




A very colourful,set of notes that neatly summarise the key features used to classify organisms that would be useful to any student having to study this topic for GCSE Biology or science. Use this with the  matching set of flashcards to test your knowledge.



It is definitely an extremely useful resource, however some of the colours are hard to read. Essential though. 



it is definitely an useful source to use before exam as it summaries the chapter really well and also it is easy to understand.

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