Citizenship Theme D - UK and Europe



European Union vs Council of Europe 


Aims:  Encourage greater cooperation on issues e.g. peace, trade and more

Set up = part of 1951 European Coal and Steel community which became European Economic Community in 1957

UK membership= joined in 1973 and in 2016 voted to leave

Consists of = 27 countries now. European Council made of heads of state of each memebr country helping EU create law. European Parliament elected by vogers of all EU memebr states. Council of  Ministers one minister from each country. Court of Justice of EU- each country has a judge that sits on cases involving EU laws.

rs to laws and finances= EU law must be put in place in member countries. UK did however opt out of some policies e.g. adoption of Euro currency. economical benefits.

Council of Europe:

Aims: To promote human rights, democracy and rule of law

Set up: 1949 after WW2 to rebuild peace

UK membership: Founder member and permanent rep.

Consists of : 47 member states. Secretary General (holds role for 5 years.) Committee of Ministers has minister for each state. Parliamentary Assembly has parlimentarians from each member state.

rs to laws and finances: Can't make binding laws but can enforce international agreements. Developed ECHR, runs European…


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