Christianity - Evil & Suffering

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  • Theodicy = the attempt to solve the problem of evil.

3 reasons as to why evil exists?:

  • Because God gave humans free will and so they choose as to what decision they make.
  • Another reason is that Satan tempts people to do evil.
  • The third reason is that of the 'Orginal Sin' which is the idea that humans have a tendency to do evil from the Fall of Man.
  • People believe that Satan is God's enemy. Because of this Satan tries to lead people away from the path of goodness. Christians believe that Satan had brought about evil because he had tempted Adam & Eve to eat from the forbidden tree.
  • The story of Job teaches that bad things can happen to good people. The story teaches that if a person retains their faith then they'll be rewarded immensely for their suffering. So some people believe that although their life may be difficult right now it will be…


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